Why Do We Need

Special Kids Foundation?

The time is past due for Special Kids Foundation in East Contra Costa County. The population in the eight East County cities is growing reaching over 226,281 in 2005. So are the statistics of the children afflicted by some sort of disability with those numbers escalating to over 4,753 children from the ages 2-22 years. These are the numbers of children receiving services from public schools, does not reflect the children who are either being served privately, are under the age of two, or those yet undiagnosed. The quality of the lives of the families hit by the devastating effects of a child, or in many cases, children with disabilities, has dropped dramatically, as the resources available to them has diminished. The ability to get to any resources for these kids has become a grueling and horrific task. Families are suffering. Kids are also suffering, both the special needs children and their siblings. Families are falling apart due to insurmountable stresses caused by the basic principle that they access the therapies and facilities their children need to succeed, to excel, to progress, to remain healthy…without traveling for hours in commute traffic after an already challenging day at school. These kids are often over-stressed just by the car trips to and from their therapies alone. Building "Special Kids" will restore a semblance of a more normal family life to these already overburdened families. Our facility will house the therapies and specialists needed, all in one, close to home location, to serve the families who live here in East Contra Costa County. These families will then be empowered to work on revitalizing their over-stressed lifestyle, and will be able to restore the relative calm that would otherwise have prevailed in their homes. Having one or more special needs child within the home is an enormous challenge. It is our hope that by offering "Special Kids" as a resource to these families, East County families will benefit, the whole family… as well as each "Special Kid"

What We Do

Our Vision

To create an all inclusive facility to serve the widely varied needs of the dramatically increasing numbers of special needs children, and to provide support and educational opportunities for their families.

Our Mission

Our mission at “Special Kids” is to promote the education, awareness, and success of all families with children who have Special Needs of every kind. We aim to provide support, friendship, and a “one-ness” with these incredibly challenged families, while providing them with the resources to navigate the difficult road of raising these “Special Kids” to be productive, happy, successful adults, regardless of their disabilities. We strive to serve the whole family, and to aid in the preservation of each family as a working, functioning unit.

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